Platform for AI-automated Web cybersecurity

Our team brings together experienced cybersecurity experts, software engineers, artificial intelligence specialists and developers to change the way you interact with cybersecurity.

Thanks to hyper-automation and artificial intelligence, we have developed a fully automated and autonomous platform. It accurately detects cyber threats and effectively protects your web infrastructures. Additionally, it ensures real-time compliance with NIST, HIPAA and PCI-DSS standards.

Founded Company

The company was founded around the same time as COVID-19 started to close everything.

Released Beta

When LOG4J happened, that forced us to deploy and onboard our first enterprise customer.

Launched PaaS

After a year of scaling with the first few customers, we launched our PaaS supported by our provincial gouvernement and RCGT.

PoP infrastructure

After years of using the cloud, we finally found the perfect partnership to migrate towards our own point of presences (PoPs)

Simplified, trusted cybersecurity innovation!

Our new automated platform, a first in Canada, was developed in Quebec with the help of local specialists and experts.

Thanks to our advances in artificial intelligence and automation, we offer greater precision than many industry leaders, while ensuring automatic compliance with the latest international standards.

Our mission : Democratize Cybersecurity

We are committed to making artificial intelligence-based cybersecurity accessible to all organizations. They are becoming increasingly vulnerable to cyber threats due to their increased dependence on technology. Faced with unsuitable solutions and expensive software that no longer meets their technical and financial needs, we are developing an effective and affordable alternative.

Efficiency objective for our ai-powered detection algorithm
Target for our next-gen integrated SIEM to detect incident almost in real time
< 5 minutes
Uptime objective for our next-gen infrastructure

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World-class technology, hands-on accountability, and top-tier support meeting data soverignty, security and compliance requirements with a global presence.

Our belief

Our strength lies in our technological innovation, the synergy created by the union of our talents and our strategic partners. At the heart of our approach is a deep conviction, that of building relationships that have a positive and tangible impact on everyone's daily life. Together, we weave the fabric of added value for our customers, raising the bar for cybersecurity to new heights.