Fully managed AI-powered Web Application Security

Designed for Enterprise, accessible for SMBs.
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Sophisticated security for websites and applications

CYBERWALL.AI includes the essentials functionalities for securing Web infrastructures and can be deployed within minutes.
Web application firewall (WAF)
Advanced threat protection (ATP)
Bot & DDoS protection
AI Powered IPS/IDS
Access control
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24/7 robust monitoring

AI powered detection and response with false positive validation.
Access Logs
Incident notifications
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Included with CYBERWALL

Because time matters, CYBERWALL.AI provides you with a powerful platform as a service (PaaS) leveraging the cloud to provide you all the essentials.
Integration The interface is so intuitive that integration is done quickly and without training. The platform supports the most popular web applications.
Load Balancing The cloud computing architecture supports a communication flow equivalent to one million simultaneous requests per second per point of presence (PoP).
Optimization The platform automates Content Delivery Network (CDN) integration and provides global redundancy of web services.
Maintenance Free All services are fully automated, which minimizes the management of alerts, updates and operating costs.
Traffic Filtering Filters identify where IP addresses are coming from to effectively manage access to web applications and APIs.
Behavioral Analysis Real-time traffic analysis helps make decisions based on web traffic behavior.
GeoDNS The solution automatically resolves the address by the closest server with GeoDNS, optimizing response time.
TLS Certificates All connections are encrypted with SSL certificates automatically generated by the “Let’s Encrypt” certificate authority.
Scalable Infrastucture Built in the cloud for real time orchestration, scalability and high availability.
Secure in minutes. Prevent security breaches and save money.